Here is a 1971 Fiat Spider catalog shot. Another 12 years before the faster Azzurra. Yet the cartoon wheels look a lot like the 85.5 wheels yet to come.

"The main elements of a classic automotive design are purity of line and harmony of proportion. These are the elements that last... and which, if they are good, are good forever!
​Every kind of car -- be it sports car, family car or off road car -- has its own purpose, it's own soul. The task of the motor car designer is to understand the feeling and sensation that a car should deliver and to iterpet those qualities so the car creates a like impression on the customer."

Sergio Pininfarina

Make mine a "Lusso": Here is a Fiat 2000 that has been upgraded due to shabby paint.  Note retro small bumpers and Abarth wheels. Also deluxe italian leather. This car is getting "upscaled" and why not. The dash wood has been replaced with a burled walnut even the plastic door panels are now leather. It's common to also lower the car giving it a slightly better grip in corners. These cars after "tarting up" are charming to say the least.  This one getting pampered for a lucky customer by "Roadster Salon" near Chicago. The feel and smell of softest leather plus the sound of that Lampredi engine on a warm summer morning headed to your local "Cars and Coffee" car show to show off and admire. Life is good snicking thru all 5 gears on the way.

John Lennon's
​Rolls-Royce Phantom V. A 1960's counter-culture icon, with rock musics most under-rated guitar icon:

Rick Neilsen of
Cheap Trick

stay tuned kids.... More soon!

As compared to the Fiat

Dennis J Hands, brings right hand Pininfarina Europas to the UK. ​an importer of Japanese autos Dennis takes a chance on a car he believed in. "Anyone who values personality and excellence in a thoroughbred sports car will not be disappointed".     see press release, far right ------>

Not many of these "personal imports" were sold, Dennis had trouble getting rid of all of them. Pity.
(Note 5 colors, thats it, warranty extra.) In todays exchange rate those numbers times 1.6 would give you the approximate US dollar amount.

Don't try this at home. Scrubbing down 30 year old electrical contacts will drive you mad. Have patience grasshopper. Or have someone else do it.

The Pininfarina spider in the Lemey Museum near Denver Co, with a Pininfarina penned​ (and Scaglietti built)  Ferrari 275GTB and a Mercedes Gullwing... and many other mouth mouthwatering cars. Otherwise known as Club Auto in Lakewood Colorado, they have taken great care of my car for which I thank them.

"Super Cars" like the Mercedes 300SL Spider will always be  exclusive and worth expondentially more. In part.. thats the point. The Azzurra is so much less demanding.

                 Odds and Ends Page....​​

                           .......thats it.... just odds and ends.
 This page is like stumbling into someones spare room, where they keep an odd mix of stuff... but normally keep the door closed.

Me with Brian Setzer holding the guitar that recorded his greatest hits. A 1959 Gretsch model 6120. Besides being truly one of the worlds great guitarists, Brian also has another unknown talent, he loves the art of painting hot rods. 

My day job: I freely admit to being just a student of cars. I've always loved cars. I study the market and did some homework on my favorite little sports car. But I know guitars quite well and have been blessed to be in a really fun business all my life.
​....... Rock 'n roll. ​(I'll share some photos) This is me playing Bruce Springsteens '54 Fender Esquire that was on the cover of "Born to Run". Now.. after 10 million miles it's been retired.
You can figure out the other photos I bet.

'83 Pininfarina Azzurra in  "Azzurra Blue"

​Inside the Pinin