Fiat Ghia 1600.... cool rare car that everyone loved.

Ask someone who does not know the value of vintage cars which car is better looking.....

One of the first on the field but it fills up fast.  One of only 186 shipped to US, the rarest 1985.5 model Pininfarina Spider Europa.

The category winner a '67 Big Block in very tidy condition.

Spare parts, car cover, original tonneau cover, original shocks, original timing belt, all showing an owners great pride and care, now all neatly stowed in these boxes in trunk.

These are all photo's of the same car offered - at no reserve - Jan 28th via Bonhams Automotive Auction in Scottsdale Az.


Trunk candy from my '85.5. You can see I am a big fan of education and nerdy facts. So much part of the fun for me. But rare tool roll, Pinin top instructions and warranty along with rare dealer catalog of the Spider Europa help highlight what a cool well thought out car this is. Rolling Sculpture and history that is a blast to drive. If you read our 85.5 page you know only 1200 were made and only 186 made it into USA. the only Spider to offer Rack and Pinion steering!

I'm not sure but I think this one is faster than mine.

Ferrari ?      No just a pretty cousin.

The 85 Pinin is the 4th car down.

We overheard one of the Judges say he "had to look this model up on line last night". Kinda funny he used this site for judging this car. But they were nice and you could tell admired the car. However competition was thick, real thick, with Ferrari's and big block vettes in the same row. I was having fun talking to the public about the Pininfarina's. And fending off offers on my car.  Me on right mugging camera while Judges pondered.

My very rare Roadster salon restored 1985.5 Spider Europa won 1st in a strong field. Thanks. More photos of this same car on the bottom of this page @ Cincinnati Concours '15

 With original stereo at 20 watts a side with AM/FM + cassette. The Clarion stereo was standard in USA Pinin Spiders. (Many dealers offered upgraded stereo systems) In the 85.5 models Blaupunkt was the system we see most often.

Simone Bonino next to his rare 83/83 Pinin. Badged as a Pinin it was really one of the transitional cars that Fiat still had in stock that Pinin finished. Note the Fiat mirrors yet Pinin era dash with black interior (photo on left)

See the sign on his car to the right --->

Pinin Azzurra / Azzurra blue. Classic color seen on Ferrari too

Very tough competition as we entered our 85.5 against Ferrari 330's and big block Corvettes in the Sports Contemporary 1960-1985 category

Wet weather... yet nobody went home. Even owners of the Prancing horse.

Pre show gatherings. My little Spider had a crush on the sky blue Mercedes 280SL that looked like a car I sold years ago.

Seeking to expose the  Pininfarina era Spiders I was excepted to show my freshened '85.5 Pininfarina Spider Europa to the world at the Ault Park Concours one of the countries oldest d'elegance shows. A very fun show in the central US. 

​​​​​​The Ault Park Concours d'Elegance 2015 Cincinnati Ohio 

​                                                                                                                        Benefiting Juvenile Arthritis

Car Shows and Auctions seeking out Pininfarina Spiders

 Just hanging out in the Hotel parking lot full of old rare - some new -  Italian cars is kind of a blast.  

 I had decided to let one of my cars go, someone else should enjoy and preserve this car. Frankly it's too clean. It has spent the last two years in the Lemay Museum in Denver Co.  It has spent it whole life in the Denver area. I wish it's new owner many years of driving joy. It was a remarkable vintage Italian spider.

This '83 Pininfarina Azzurra Spider is factory original and could be used as a template for how to identify originality. It's photos are used throughout this site. It was used every year but reportedly only on the clearest of days. The owner reminded me that it was indeed a baby Ferrari - that was why he bought it - and thus it needed extra care.

     This car was bought new at the Buick/Pininfarina dealer in Boulder Co. It was then bought by "Ted" - the 2nd owner -  from that same originating dealership {no longer a Pinin dealer of course} for $13,500 in 1990 with 9500 miles on the odometer at the time.  The 2nd owner put about 250 miles a year and kept fanatical good care of the car, saving every nut and bolt. He replaced the timing belt - and saved it. The original factory shocks were saved. The brake lines were replaced (and saved).  Even the original (but rotted) Pirreli P-6 tires were saved.  The original Pirelli P6 tires proved dangerously old so they are now gone. {I paid to have them installed and balanced for the auction but caution and common sense ruled it out}  There is all the factory original parts (like shocks and timing belt) neatly boxed and stored away for the next owner. (See photo) The factory air conditioning was working the last time I checked two years ago. The car got exercised and cleaned by the Museum in Denver (aka Club Auto) who takes great care of it for me. Best to remember it's a 32 year old car even if it's got the papered mileage of a 2 - 3 year old. (And the body of a 1965 era mid century classic.)


                                                                                               Sold in Scottsdale!

 Sold for $26,400.00 US  A record for a Pinin Spider sold at auction but a little under what we expected. Congratulations to the new owner of this car. The auction results in Scottsdale were not as strong as years past. Bonhams had 57 cars that sold under estimate or were unsold, and only 7 cars that sold above the estimate. This car sold for over 30% over estimate the highest percentage of the day. Everyone at Bonhams was great, my wife and I had great fun. More soon.

The Fiat Freek Out 2016 an Italian car happening featuring Fiat - Alfa Romeo and Lancia

                         " The Germans invented the automobile, the Americans made it disposable ...... but the Italians made it sing and dance" 

Thoroughly detailed, but no touch up. Zero rust. 


'16 Fiat Freek Out pre show gathering. I love this shot with a blue small bumper early 124 in foreground, and everyone helping Arman Labrada with his mint '83 Pinin Spider just out of a long storage. A car that has been stored will have a few needs, no matter the brand.  So who is there to help?  Everyone.  There is a better shot of Arman's stunning car top right.

The 85.5 below was displayed at Ault Park.. but is NOT the '83 car sold at Bonhams.

This '83 Pinin has the lower miles than my car sold at Bonhams for $26,400.00. Owned by Arman Labrada it is one of the best - original - examples out there.

Reading my little history lessons... Sorry, I am a nerd

Close up of "Trunk Candy" described above. Note the tool box and repair file folder, period magazines too. Factory original Fiat sew on jacket patch. Pininfarina convertible top operating  instructions, and original blue Bertone badged hand book folder. Even a rare book on Pininfarina was included. (red cover)

Places everyone​, places. Let the "show" begin.

Not a barn find, rather a gently used factory original Italian classic. Preserved  with great care. A treat just to see.

A very tidy and very original engine bay. Compare this to any car you may be looking at to buy.

Rare original square weave german carpet. No one currently reproduces this pretty detail.

 Exemplary '83 Pininfarina Azzurra 124 Spider that was auctioned off  in Scottsdale Az. by BonhamsJan. 28th 2016.   $26,400 a new record at auction.