Myself with Sheryl Crow an American song writing legend. And.. an avid car nut. She knows guitars. She knows cars.

With Peter Wolf of the J Giels band like our Spider one of the most underrated R&B singers in the world. 

Fiat Dino by Pininfarina.    Watch these rise in value.

Rack and Pinion Steering getting installed in Fiat Spider

My day gig: a really cool photo of one of  the coolest guitars in the world. Not many people get to get this close. I'm very lucky. Like looking at vintage cars.. just looking at this image and you can hear the sound in your head. Old guitars are also cool. Like famous race cars a famous guitar seen in the hands of a great player can really drive the market. Who could guess an old nylon string guitar could make people stand up pumping fists in the air and scream.
​Kinda the same as a race car.
             Want one?

The Big Picture page...​ photos you might find interesting.​

we will rotate these images. Send me your latest completed project or your original spider here. Generally, Pininfarina's only.
We might share photos of italian car shows or auctions as well, to keep it interesting.

Road trips... As you all might know, taking a longer trip in a little car is best broken into pieces as these are not GT or Grand Tourers (Luxury barges with big motors) These are zippy little sports cars. But breaking a long trip into a few days is a joy. Finding the long winding road as on left is a memory of a lifetime. Just look at how small these cars look compared to the small SUV's that everyone drives today. (Hotel parking lot Lake Geneva Wisconsin... taking a break)

Of all these gathered... only the one 85.5 shown above.

This car - shown with indoor light - is the exact same car as the car shown below. The color Vivo Rosa (vivid red) is a really cool color, but hard to explain how sun light washes out the orange hue. Notice the license plate is the same.     Cool huh.

Another sexy investment that's also industrial sculpture, American vintage guitars changed the world. More than sports cars few pieces of art make people stand up and shout more than guitars. Mid 60's Custom color Gibson J-45's Flat Tops are shown. They made more Ferrari  275 GT in the same time period.

Fiat Freek Out Chicago 2014. Note the light green Ghia 1500 above left and next to a '63 Fiat 1500 convertible (white) in group shot. Look at those graceful Italian side mirrors on the white car. Car shows are fun but the Freek Outs are really inclusive and have lots of Italian cars to see.

A stunning Roadster Salon creation. 160HP, with Retro meets modern. Mercedes paint and leather on a sexy Ferrari looking body... Really hot. Nobody has ever taken it up to this level before.

Just like the Mona Lisa the first time you see a 124 Spider in person you are surprised how small it is.... but still impressed with it's beauty.

My old car: "Olive" A 1980 2000 Spider.