F.I.A.T.    that is:

Fun Imported Auto and Toys 143 Tunnel Rd.                     Vernon   Ct   06066

​ 860-871-0602     www.funimported.com

    Danny is the owner, orange shirt in photo on the right------>

Below are two great people to know. Left is Danny O'Donnell from F.I.A.T. Danny knows your car better than you, and can find old parts. Be very nice to Danny.

 On the right is Ken Zuchel who is one of the very talented restoration guys that works at The Roadster Salon in Chicago.

 Ken has deep knowledge of restoration and modification with a background in Corvettes and Italian Autos. There is very few people I trust more than Kenny

A stray square badge 85.5 Pinin Spider. First your eye sees the "ears" then the square badge.. then... OMG the wheels.

Me, with a guitar that has been on a million recordings. Sherry Crows '68 Gibson Humming bird. Guitars are like cars in that they are functional Sculpture

I find cars are my escape from 45 years of guitars. My day gig:  www.williesguitars.com


​Service and restoration 269-388-6070

Contacts Page....   of "good people to know". There are many more to ad later.

Since Fiat left America these guys have carried the torch. They bring us the national gathering every year: The Fiat Freek Out.
Be a member. Lots of great insight. Not just on Fiat but Lancia, Alfa, and other italian cars. You will be welcomed.
Make sure to talk with your hands while speaking to any member of FLU.

Auto Ricambi
     (682) 233-3428
Parts guys. They have an Alternator that is of there own design that gives 95 amps of power.. up from factory 55 to 65 amp units. Take that, you modern power hungry modern upgrade stereo unit!​ 

Just in Oct 22 2015 Auto Ricambi acquires the Fiat portion of IAP (International Auto Parts) This will make them the largest supplier of Fiat and Pininfarina auto parts. Good guys who also love and drive 124 Spiders.

This is my email. I rarely check it (sorry) but would love to hear from you if you have information or cool photos.
​My day job prevents me from getting back to you quickly.​ OK? By the way.. I'm really hoping to find anyone who owned a Pininfarna dealership or who worked there to share some first hand insite. I buy Pininfarina garage banners and signs. I collect any Pinin Azzurra or Spider Europa paperwork... looking for rare dealer catalogs.

 If you see a Pinin at Auction, please let us know. We want 85.5 parts too. The dealers listed on this page will all give fair prices for old -working- parts. Many Thanks for looking. Don't be a stranger.

The spider chat room, a world of info, some quite sound advice and like any chat room some strong opinions.

Very nice guys that do parts and accessories and one of the few that really stock vintage parts. These guys have found old radios and tools for us. Easy to deal with, trustworthy.

well known and very well respected Fiat restoration, in Canada. Send him your car or have him sell you one to restore. 

Truly the premier Fiat and Pininfarina restoration shop. The owner Ray has a nose for design and for finding talent. I can't thank these guys enough. They offer amazing detail. Ferrari trained mechanics. Top shelf leather work. The "end of the line". Nice guys with a shop near Chicago. They take it to a new level. Huge inventory of cars to have restored to any level you like. Finally a place that takes it up to a level that has been reserved for Maserati and the like. Great web site too. Fun photos... go there.

The 85.5 Spider seen on this site was accepted in the Ault Park Concours d'Elegance in Cincinnati Ohio June 12-14 2015. Another first for the humble Spider. Never has a 124 Spider been excepted to a d'Elegance level show.      All thanks to the talented staff at Roadster Salon. Many photos taken on this web site are from those guys letting me hang around their very busy shop and taking photos.

My local Ferrari Mechanic has been inside many early Ferrari's but always comments about how great the work the RS team has done on my car.